cheLA - TaMaCo
Workshop coordinator: Karen Antorveza
Workshop asistance: Francesco Milano, Camila Narvaitz Sarsur
Tutors: Lic. Leonardo Majul, Dra. Julieta Maller, D.I. Heidi Jalkh  
PH: Karen Antorveza

Paula Gonzalez, Maria Ega, Juan Pablo Ferlat, Nico Vischi, Javiera Fernandini, Juan Ignacio Musante, Julian Arrayan, Natalia Gomez, Daniel Levano, Luciano Azzigotti, Diego Valenzuela, Lucia Bellani, Julieta Majul, Camila Macarena Picco, Eugenio Gomez llambi, Matías Barreto, Rossana Orrico

This workshop explored and promoted the creation and use of materials formed from the growth of living organisms. We used the mycelium of the fungus Ganoderma Lucidum to create this biomaterial. This organism has the natural capacity to fuse and transform different typologies of organic substrates. From this theoretical/practical workshop, we explored the material's morphological possibilities, making various molds and techniques using digital manufacturing tools.

Objective: to generate a catalog of pieces that explore the material's possibilities and to build an understanding of form and matter in bio-manufacturing from a personal perspective through collective learning.

KAPHEND 2023 — Planet Earth