Hello Wood Argentina
Design: Karen Antorveza and Francesco Milano 
Team of Hello Wood: Marco Correa Panizzi, Lucila Vidal, Sebastian Cordi, Matias Renner, José Luis Valladares Ulloa, Mariano Zalazar, Federico Zorrozua, Angela Lucia Budini, Agustina Gagliardi Burgueño, Paula Gonzalez, Ailen Pipliza.
PH: Fernando Schapochnik
Drone: Bernardo Ramirez


Building for Unknown Ceremonies is a spiral-shaped structure/walkway, which allows access to an interior space through a path first up and then down. The only way to get into the inner space is to walk along the ramp, which is why the structure is both a "separation" element (wall), and an "access" element (threshold). The project was materialized using exclusively 2" x 2" wood strips. Parametric 3D modeling techniques were used in the design process (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper). The structure is generated by the materialization of a series of radial cuts ("frames") of the original volume (sections). The very limited separation between one cut and the other means that all the "frames", together, are perceived as a monolithic element. All the cuts are analogous, but each one is "unique", because of the size and position of the pieces that compose it. The module is progressively transformed according to the height of the columns and the position of the step. This progressive modification in the shape of the "frames" generates a progressive up and down movement along the route. Each "frame" is composed of 3 types of elements: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The difference between the elements is purely typological, because on a material level all the pieces are wooden slats of the same size. The large number of pieces, all different, and the variety of cuts needed to make them, required the use of a very detailed alphanumeric system, both to code and identify the position of each of the pieces on the plane, and to associate each of them to its corresponding length generating the cut path in the production stage.

KAPHEND 2023 — Planet Earth