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Principal researchers:
Rodrigo Martin Iglesias, Francesco Milano, Karen Antorveza

Emiliano Vera ManciniSantiago Albarracin, Paula Gonzalez, Raquel Landenberg, Nico Vischi, Matías Vaccaro, Tamara Logwiniuk, Emiliano Vera, ManciniIan lbaldrich, Celeste Figliola, Natalia Alvarez Ezeiz, Natalia Valido

Workshop participants:
Ayelen MorckMiguel Caamaño, Vanik Margossian, Marina pia fatt, Delfina Eizmendi, Malena Gonzalez serena


"Rotoscoping Architecture" was collaboratively developed within the framework of an academic research project led by TaMaCo and UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). The idea at the base consists of exploring innovative low-tech ways to produce complex architectonic morphologies designed with 3D modeling software. The concept is promising in Latin America, where high-tech fabrication facilities such as robotic arms are not readily available.

The proposed solution takes inspiration from rotoscoping, an animation technique that involves tracing over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action.

In our workflow, a digital volume is first reduced to a series of parallel sections, and then exported as PDF files. Next, the PDFs were projected on the floor, zenithally placed one by one. The projection is used as a template for constructing a frame composed of 1" x 1" timber elements. The edges, arranged in numerical order, physically re-create the original digital volume.

Rotoscoping Architecture, Productive and Morphogenetic Processes. Available from: [accessed Mar 21 2020].

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