TaMaCo Taller de Materiales y Construcción

cheLA - TaMaCo

Team: Francesco Milano, Fabian Wagmister, Dara Gelof, Santiago Villamil, Diana Zorzoli, Ramiro Iturrioz, Federico, Carlos Leiva and family, Juan Pablo Margenat, Carlos Zábala, Camila Narbaitz Sarsur, Guillaume Jami, Paula Gonzalez, Nicolas Vischi, Gabriel Fortunato, Paula Herrera, Marina Pla, Melina Scioli, Marina Pia Fatta and all the cheLA community. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015 - 2018

TaMaCo (Taller de Materiales y Construcción)is one of the modules of cheLA. The space is dedicated to experimentation in art, design, and architecture. Its equipment comprises traditional design and fabrication tools (woodwork, metalwork, and ceramic) and digital fabrication machines such as 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a CNC mill. The cultural proposal of TaMaCo includes lectures, workshops, and a residence program for national and international artists. Since its outset, TaMaCo has collaborated closely with several cultural and educational institutions, such as UBA (University of Buenos Aires), CCSM (Centro Cultural San Martin), ArteBa, and Fundacion Telefonica. From 2015 to 2018, the project raised about 250 USD in funding through the program "Mecenazgo Cultural" made by the Ministry of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires and received the sponsorship of different companies such as Bosh, Akzo Nobel, and Trotec.
I collaborated with Francesco Milano to develop the laboratory's brief, research, business planning, organizational development, and strategic management

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